Michelle Fraser: The Real Estate Powerhouse of Durham Region

In the world of real estate, where things can get complicated, Michelle Fraser stands out for her heartful approach.This blog shares Michelle's success story and what makes her team special—combining expertise with genuine care.

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The Seller Brag Book

Michelle loves helping people sell their homes. It's not just about making money; it's about guiding sellers through the process. The Seller Brag Book is a collection that shows how good Michelle is at what she does. It has numbers, rankings, and proof that many homes her real state agency sells get a great price.

Let's break down what Michelle achieved in 2023:

Ajax Muncipality: Real Estate Brilliance Unveiled

ajax home sales

  • Listed 24 Homes: Michelle Fraser has been a driving force in this Muncipality real estate, listing an impressive 24 homes. This number reflects her unparalleled ability to get the word out and attract potential buyers.
  • Sold 8 Homes: It's not just about listing homes; Michelle and her team have successfully sold 8 homes in this Muncipality. This showcases not only the volume but the skills that turn listings into successful transactions.
  • Total Volume: 37,597,801: The total sales volume in this Muncipality reached an outstanding 37,597,801 proving Michelle Fraser's expertise in delivering results for her clients, both in numbers and monetary value.
  • Ranking in this Muncipality: #1: Michelle Fraser proudly holds the #1 position in this Muncipality  . Her agency's success is reflected in the trust placed by the community, making her the go-to real estate professional in the region.
  • Average Sale Price: $1,174,931

ajax home sales

Pickering Muncipality : Where Real Estate Dreams Come True

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  • Listed 17 Homes: In this Muncipality , Michelle Fraser continues to make dreams come true by listing numerous homes. While the exact number isn't provided, it's Michelle's commitment that shines through.
  • Sold 6 Homes: Michelle and her team in this Muncipality, are not just listing homes; they are turning dreams into reality by successfully selling a substantial number of homes.
  • Total Volume: 20,199,600: The total sales volume in this Muncipality, though not specified, echoes the success of Michelle Fraser in achieving remarkable results for her clients.
  • Ranking in this Muncipality: #2: Michelle Fraser stands as a prominent figure in this Muncipality , holding a noteworthy rank that speaks volumes about her agency's success and client satisfaction.
  • Average Sale Price: $878,243

pickering home sales

Ajax, Pickering, Whitby Muncipality: Setting Real Estate Standards

whitby home sales infographic

  • Listed 47 Homes: In this Munciplality, Michelle Fraser sets real estate standards by listing a substantial number of homes, demonstrating her commitment to meeting the diverse needs of the local market.
  • Sold 20 Homes: Michelle and her team in this Munciplality not only list homes but successfully sell them, showcasing their ability to turn listings into successful transactions.
  • Total Volume: 69,169,401: The total sales volume in this Munciplality, reflects the economic impact of Michelle Fraser's agency, contributing significantly to the local real estate market.
  • Ranking in this Muncipality: #2: Michelle Fraser's agency claims a significant position in this Munciplality, holding a top-ranking spot and becoming a trusted name in the local real estate landscape.
  • Average Sale Price: $1,032,379

whitby home sales

Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa: A Real Estate Powerhouse

oshawa home sales infographic

  • Listed 51 Homes: Michelle Fraser proves to be a real estate powerhouse in this Munciplality, listing a significant number of homes and showcasing her ability to dominate the local market.
  • Sold 24 Homes: It's not just about listings; Michelle and her team in this Munciplality, demonstrate their prowess by successfully selling a substantial number of homes.
  • Total Volume: 76,664,401: The total sales volume in this Munciplality, reflects the magnitude of Michelle Fraser's impact, turning transactions into a substantial economic force in the local real estate scene.
  • Ranking in this Muncipality: #6: Michelle Fraser's agency claims a prominent position in this Munciplality,, ranking high and proving to be a preferred choice for those navigating the real estate landscape in the area.
  • Average Sale Price: $1,022,192

Oshawa Home Sales

Durham Region: A Leader in Real Estate Excellence

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  • Listed 55 Homes: Michelle Fraser's influence extends across the entire Durham Region, where she has listed numerous homes, showcasing her dominance and market understanding.
  • Sold 29 Homes: Michelle and her team's success isn't limited to listings; they have successfully sold a substantial number of homes, making them a leader in the regional real estate market.
  • Total Volume: 84,625,301: The total sales volume in the Durham Region is a testament to Michelle Fraser's agency's excellence, contributing significantly to the overall real estate landscape.
  • Ranking in Durham Region: #6: Michelle Fraser claims a prominent spot as the #X real estate agency in the Durham Region, a recognition of her team's dedication and the trust placed by the community.
  • Average Sale Price: $1,007,444

durham home sales

Selling Success in Numbers

One remarkable aspect of Michelle Fraser's success lies in the speed and value of her property sales.

'Sold Over Asking' or Almost List Price

  • A significant majority of the properties sold in 2023 achieved prices above what sellers were asking for or very close to the list price.

Days on Market (DOM)

  • Most properties were sold in an impressive 2 days or less than 10 days. This isn't just a number; it's a clear signal to sellers that Michelle Fraser gets results quickly, minimizing the stress of a prolonged selling process.

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Michelle Fraser's Caring Approach

Selling a home is a big deal. Michelle and her team get that. They care about sellers and want to make the process easier.

  • The Stress of Letting Go:Sellers love their homes. Michelle takes time to listen to their stories, making the tough process a bit easier.
  • Support Beyond the Transaction: Michelle goes beyond just selling. She helps with practical stuff, like finding movers and staging services.
  • Celebrating Milestones: Michelle's team celebrates the good moments with sellers, making the journey a positive experience.
  • Turning Stress into Success:Real estate can be stressful. Michelle turns that stress into success by getting results and caring about her clients.

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Client Testimonials

Testimonials like this highlight the real-life experiences of clients who've benefited from Michelle Fraser's exceptional real estate services.


Michelle Fraser's success is simple—it's about people. This blog shows her impressive numbers and the stories that prove she knows how to sell homes.Michelle doesn't just do transactions; she guides people through a big life change, and that's what makes her stand out. Michelle Fraser isn't just a real estate agent; she's a friend on the journey of selling homes with heart.

If you are looking to buy your dream home or sell your existing home feel free to contact us!

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